The submission process isn't scary

We've made it as simple as possible for you to complete in 3 easy steps. If you'd like to prepare before getting started, here's some things you might need.

  1. 1

    Test Your Prototype and Learn

  2. 2

    Create a Sizzle Reel

  3. 3

    Organize your files (sizzle reel, photos, product descriptions and rules)

What is a sizzle reel?

A sizzle reel is a short video which should introduce you and explain your product idea.

Sizzle video should be around 2 minutes.

Tell us a bit about yourself. Do a brief introduction and background information about you - are you an industrial engineer, have you any products published before, are you an expert in another industry? But remember you only have 2 min, so keep this part brief (10 sec should do it!)

A stack of papers

Sizzle Reels should include

If it's a game

  1. Keep the video succinct. Under 2 min! Only for more complicated Euro strategy games, under 4 min is fine. Remember, this is a sizzle, not a complete play through.

  2. What is the name of the game?

  3. Was the game inspired by a trend? If so, tell us briefly about it.

  4. How many players, what age and how long does a full game take to play?

  5. What is the goal? How do you win?

  6. Take us through a turn so we get a sense of how to play and make sure to highlight the best features of the game. What makes it unique?

  7. Don't focus on showing YOU, show the GAME (of course you can be in the frame but make sure we more importantly can clearly see the game components and how they move around). We want to see your prototype in action.

  8. Don't use text or captions while at the same time showing something you want us to see in the video. We can't both read and watch at the same time. So give the words and then show the action. Or better yet, do a voice over!

  9. For card and board games, feel free to record a video using Tabletop Simulator or other simulation platforms, but if you have a physical prototype, be sure to show it too.

  10. Music is fine to use if It's not too loud or distracting from explaining the game. If you use music, we suggest choosing something that matches the theme or mood of your game or adds energy to your video.

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