From small sparks, come big ideas

Do you have an idea for a game, toy or new technology? Share your bright idea and help us create the world's best play experiences. Let us show you how we can bring your invention to life!

Evaluating your idea

We respect each and every inventor and understand your ideas are precious to you. Of course, submitting an idea through this website does not mean it is unique and that you have exclusive rights to the “idea” behind it, because many submitted concepts may already exist in the world or be very similar to others. But if your idea is one that we haven't already dreamed up, we are not currently working on, and hasn't been previously produced … then we will certainly consider it. Even if we don't ultimately decide to use it, just make sure you keep inventing!

Spark your imagination

Watching children play with their food gave one inventor his big idea, and that's where our world famous Mr Potato Head was born! Inspiration is everywhere! Take inspiration from the world around you and let your imagination run wild!

Capture your idea

Don't let that great idea escape, get it down on paper as soon as possible! Since his invention in 1952, Mr. Potato Head has gone through a lot of changes, all of which began with drawing out his new look. So sketch, create, doodle, prototype and bring your invention to life

From the page to a prototype

This is where it gets really exciting! We choose the absolute best ideas to be developed, and initial sketches are used to build a prototype. It's important that all prototypes are thoroughly tested and researched to ensure that if it goes on sale it will be a safe, successful product.

Feel like part of the family

It's very important to us that our inventors feel happy, confident and that their ideas are respected. If you share your inventions with us, you will have our support and we will make you feel like part of the Hasbro family.

Your invention comes to life

If the prototype for your idea makes it through all our testing and research then it is time to go into production! Huge volumes of the final product are made at our factory, ready to go out into stores. Your invention will soon be available to buy!

From a small spark to a treasured toy or great game

Mr. Potato Head is now a family favorite all over the world, and your invention could be too! The most rewarding part of the invention process is the knowledge that your product is loved and treasured by kids everywhere - a wished-for birthday present or at the top of their holiday wish list. We create the world's best play experiences and we want you to be part of that process.

Mom just bought me a Mr Potato Head! I love him so much.

Awesome! I want one too, he makes me laugh!

Bring your invention to life

Want to see your invention up there in the Hasbro Hall of Fame? The most famous potato in the world, Mr. Potato Head, is just one of the hundreds of inventions we have supported throughout our 90 year history. We can't wait to hear your idea!